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Priority Setting Partnership

Over the past two years the POND Network has worked alongside the Ontario Brain Institute, the James Lind Alliance and institutional and community partners to learn from people living with neurodevelopmental disorders, their families, friends, carers, and healthcare professionals how research can best serve them. The priority setting process gathered over 1200 questions from 300 respondents across Ontario. These were consolidated and prioritized based on feedback from the community and existing research so that a top ten list of priorities could be created. Now knowing which research questions are most important to the neurodevelopmental disorder community, we can incorporate some of these ideas in our future research, as well as engage other research funding organizations and researchers to address these priorities.

Please click here to learn more about this initiative or view the top 10 priorities infographic.

You can also read the full report: Community Priorities for Research on Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Video highlights from the Neurodevelopmental Disorder Priority Setting Partnership

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The POND Network is an Integrated Discovery Program carried out in partnership with the Ontario Brain Institute.