Research Updates

POND awarded renewed funding from the Ontario Brain Institute for 5 more years

The POND Network is happy to announce the successful renewal of Integrated Discovery Program funding from the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI). As the network’s primary funder, OBI’s continued support ensures that the POND Network can continue to exist and operate for the next 5 years. We appreciate the continued commitment to our mission to investigate the biology underlying neurodevelopmental disorders to create new opportunities for improved care and long-term outcomes for children with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families.
This announcement is a reflection of the outstanding efforts of researchers, clinicians, staff, students and volunteers throughout our provincial network. Thanks to each of you for your contribution to the network and to the renewal process.

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POND Network: Alana Iaboni
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The Hospital for Sick Children: Kira Sklar
Lawson Health Research Institute/Western University: Ahsan Ahmad
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Queen’s University: - Melissa Hudson
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital: Ontario Clinical Trials Network - Lisa Genore

The POND Network is an Integrated Discovery Program carried out in partnership with the Ontario Brain Institute.