2019 Family Day

POND Family Research Information Day 2019

POND Family Research Information Day 2019 was on November 16th! The main goal of the day was for the POND Network to share our recent research findings and get participant feedback and input as we move forward. We thank everyone for your participation in all our research studies. Your volunteer contribution is allowing scientists and clinicians to gather behavioural and biological data that will, in turn, lead to a better understanding of these disorders.

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POND Presenter: Dr. Evdokia Anagnostou

Presentation: Pharmacological Interventions and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

POND Presenter: Dr. Stephen Scherer

Presentation: Autism: 10,000 genomes done, where to go now? 

POND Presenter: Patrick Jachyra

Presentation: Enhancing the physical activity and health of children/youth with neurodevelopmental disorders

Download Slides: POND Family Day Slides

POND Presenter: Dr. Jane Foster

Presentation: Linking the Immune System to Behaviour and Brain Development

Download Slides: Foster Immune POND Nov 2019

POND Presenters: Representatives of POND’s Patient Advisory Committee – Connie Putterman, Claudine Evangelista, AnthonyEvangelista, Margret Spoelstra, Shannon Pascoe

Presentation: Panel: POND Patient Advisory Committee

POND Presenter: Dr. Elizabeth Kelley

Presentation: Co-Morbid Depression in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Download Slides: POND Family Day Slides

POND Presenter: Dr. Evdokia Anagnostou

Presentation: Research Updates and Closing Remarks