Our Network

The POND network consists of a team of clinicians, scientists, engineers and other stakeholders from the public and private sector located across Ontario.

POND Network Co-Directors:

Evdokia Anagnostou, MD, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Jason Lerch, PhD, The Hospital for Sick Children

POND Network Executive Committee:

Stephen Scherer, PhD, The Hospital for Sick Children

Peter Szatmari, MD, The Hospital for Sick Children

Jennifer Crosbie, PhD, The Hospital for Sick Children

Paul Arnold, MD, University of Calgary

Stelios Georgiades, PhD, McMaster University

Xudong Liu, PhD, Queen’s University

Elizabeth Kelley, PhD, Queen’s University

Robert Nicolson, MD, Western University

Russell Schachar, MD, The Hospital for Sick Children

Participating Institutions:

Toronto, Ontario: University of Toronto, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Hospital for Sick Children

Hamilton, Ontario: McMaster University, McMaster  Children’s Hospital, St Joseph’s Hospital

London, Ontario: Western University, Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre

Kingston, Ontario: Queen’s University, Ongwanada Resource Center, Hotel Dieu Hospital

Community Partner Organizations:

Autism Speaks, Autism Ontario, Circle 21, Community Living Toronto, Ontario Rett Syndrome Association, Totally ADD, Sick Kids Down Syndrome Clinic

These groups have representatives on our Patient Advisory Committee, which also has individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, family members and caregivers. Learn more about this committee and how they partner with us in our research below.

Patient Advisory Committee

POND’s Patient Advisory Committee is a group of people with personal experience of the clinical and practical issues facing those with neurodevelopmental disorders, their families, and the people who provide their care. They provide input and perspectives that are participant centered and maintain focus on participants and their families ensuring the POND initiatives and outcomes are participant driven. The committee is also an important POND partner in public and community engagement, as well as ensuring our research and activities are communicated effectively to individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, their families, and other individuals who can apply this knowledge to improve care and long-term outcomes.

Patient Advisory Committee Members

Contact Information

To learn more about the Patient Advisory Committee or to inquire about how you might get involved, please contact Alana Iaboni (