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Sleep Disturbances in Rett Syndrome

Sleep problems are very common in girls and women with Rett Syndrome (RS). They lead to fatigue and stress in both the person with Rett and their families and caregivers. Understanding what kind of sleep disturbances are occurring and in which age groups is important for developing successful treatments.

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The Immune System’s Role in Rett Syndrome

Children with Rett syndrome lose multiple thinking, learning, and movement abilities beginning at 6 to 18 months of age.  As they get older, they are often unable to learn new skills. They have problems with digestion, and with the heart, muscles, and bones. This study looked at whether or not the immune system could play a role in these symptoms.

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Video Evidence of Early Symptoms in Girls with Rett Syndrome

Doctors and scientists have long believed that girls with Rett show typical development until they begin to lose speech and the use of their hands. The loss of these abilities, termed “regression,” and the slowing of head growth were thought to signal the onset of the condition. This research study looked at whether or not there are problems with speech and language use prior to regression, which would suggest that the condition has a much earlier onset.

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