Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Network 


A research network striving to understand the biology underpinning neurodevelopmental disorders.

The POND Network is a research network striving to understand the biology underpinning neurodevelopmental disorders to improve diagnosis, care and long-term outcomes for children. Neurodevelopmental disorders studied in the POND Network include Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Tourette syndrome, Rett syndrome, Down Syndrome, Fragile X syndrome or any genetic differences associated with neurodevelopmental disorders.


The POND Network focuses on understanding the neurobiology of neurodevelopmental disorders. The POND Network aims to translate findings into effective new treatments. There is an extensive clinical trials network within POND that is the first in Canada of its kind. This research strategy will accelerate the development of new interventions for neurodevelopmental disorders that are more targeted to each person’s specific biology, thus improving long-term outcomes. 


There is a limited understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders. Some biological mechanisms are only seen in some individuals with the same diagnostic label. Other biological mechanisms are common across multiple diagnostic labels. POND researchers are investigating these similarities and differences across disorders. POND uses many types of tools and methods in this research. These provide comprehensive data on clinical, behavioural and biological features of each participant. This data will advance our understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders and the underlying biology. The POND Network is also using this data to discover individualized treatments based on a person’s biology.


The POND Network consists of a team of clinicians, scientists, engineers and other stakeholders from the public and private sector located across Ontario.

Participating Institutions


Ontario Brain Institute